Review: Pi-EzConnect Terminal Block Breakout HAT

I bought one of these recently:Pi EzConnect Adafruit product 2711

I’ve done a moderate bit of raspberry Pi prototyping on and off. The choice has usually been either a piece of stipboard and some cables or an incidental prototyping area on an expansion card of some sort (like the excellent motor hat). This time, I decided to go pro and buy a ready made breakout board.

This one:


It’s OK, and there’s a good chance I’ll use it in the final project, but it has a few flaws.

If you look in the photo above, the GPIO holes are doubled up. I can see why they did this but it makes the prototyping area painfully small. In addition, the labels for the terminals and holes is on the inner side. They could have put them on the otherwise outside and had an extra two rows of holes, giving 10 rows instead of 8.

Another flaw is that the painfully small prototyping area is not matrix board, it’s stripboard style. Now normally I’d say this is down to personal taste. I quite like stripboard, personally. However out of the main options of stripboard, tri-pad and matrix, it’s the least compact because of all the track cuts needed. Matrix board is arguably the most faffy and annoying style, however it’s by far the most dense and in a space limited situation like this, density is I think the most important thing.

So essentially, they could have nearly doubled the useful prototyping area of the board, and used a higher density proto typing style.

The other thing I really didn’t like was the terminal style.


That leaf spring inside the terminal greatly reduces the usable area, to the point where I couldn’t fit in a piece of tinned speaker wire. I have a 100m reel of the stuff that I use for many miscellaneous wiring odd jobs., and I had to older on a thin piece of single core wire. In fact I have very little multicore cable narrow enough to fit in those holes.

It’s a shame because there are better styles that have a moving gate inside which has a lot more capacity for the same pitch, like this one:


All the usual suspects have similar types (Phoenix Contact, TE Connectivity, RS Pro, plus a bunch of vendors on Ali Express).

It seems like a selection of small things but over all they add up to a breakout board that’s not as good as it could be. If you have small wires and little soldering needs then it will work perfectly, but it could be a good deal more flexible.

Overall, 3/5

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